Creality Ender 3 V2 Upgrades V4.2.7 Silent Board, 32 Bit w/ TMC2225 Drivers for Ender 3 3Pro 5 5Pro




Creality Silent Mainboard: New Upgraded V4.2.7 Motherboard For Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 V2, Ender 5,Ender-3max

Bit: 32
Integrated motor drivers: TMC2225
Updating firmware: MicroSD card
Connections: Micro-USB, microSD card
Ports For: 4x motors, 2x thermistors, 3x endstops, 3x fans, BLTouch, filament runout sensor
Compatible firmware: Marlin 2.0, Marlin 2.0 forks
Supports linear advance: No;

4.2.7 Ender 3 upgraded silent board

NOTE: The power supply and the hotend fan are distinguished by positive and negative poles, please follow the instructions on the motherboard to connect:  “+ “stands for positive, “- ” stands for negative

Difference to V1.1.5 Older Version:

  • Super Quiet: The microcontroller is upgraded from 8-bit to 32-bit, the running speed is obviously accelerated; the noise is lower and the precision is higher. Increase material breakage detection and automatic leveling function.
  • Driver: TMC2208 driver & Marlin 1.1.9 for V1.1.5 mainboard while TMC2225 driver & Marlin 2.0.1 for V4.2.7 mainboard. Bootloader preinstalled on both version boards.
  • More Safer: Thermal runaway protection is enabled. The Board is Optimized by Circuit, effectively solve the Heating Problem. Easy to Operate: With USB Port, can be Worked With E/Z/Y/X Axis Motor.
    Voltage: Support 24V input voltage.

How to Update Firmware:

For the V4.2.7 board, please copy the firmware file to a formatted SD card with no other files in it. Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord.
Insert the SD card & power cord and turn on the printer. Wait 10s to complete the firmware updating process.
(we recommend a SD Card is in 8-16Gb)