Arduino Advance Upgraded Starter Kit


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Arduino Advance Upgraded Starter Kit

Learn Advanced Microcontroller Programming with Arduino Compatible UNO R3 DIP
Lots of Sensors Included
Learn the Basics of RFID
Prototyping Ready
Learn from Basic to Advance
Great for Project Starters and Researchers

Packages include the following:
1xArduino UNO R3 Board
1xUSB Cable
1x(16×2) LCD with I2C Adapter
1xRC522 Module
1xRFID Card
1xKey Chain
1xJoystick Module
1xKey Board
1xRTC Module
1xWater Level Sensor
1xDHT11 Humidity Sensor
1xRGB Module
1xULN2003 Motor Driver Module
1x28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor
1×1-Channel Relay Module
1xMB-102 Breadboard
65xJumper Wire
10xFemale-Male Jumper Cable
1xSound Sensor Module
1x10K Potentiometer
1×1 Digital Tube
1×4 Digital Tube
1xMatrix Tube
1xSG90 Micro Servo
2xBall Switches
5xTactile Switches with Caps
1x9V Battery Clip with DC Jack
15x5mm LED
30xResistance (220ohm, 1K ohm, 10K ohm)
1xFlame Sensor
1xIR Receiver Sensor