DC 5V 1/8NPT Pressure Transducer Transmitter Sensor 500PSI


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Brand new pressure transducer. Stainless steel body.
Input: 0-500 psi(Gauge Pressure);
Output: 0.5-4.5V linear voltage output. 0 psi outputs 0.5V, 250 psi outputs 2.5V, 500 psi outputs 4.5V.
Works for oil,fuel,diesel,gas,water or air pressure.Can be used in oil tank,gas tank,diesel tank etc.
Accuracy: +/-1%FS;
Thread: 1/8” NPT;
Wiring Connector: Packard plug-in unit is included;
Wiring: Red: +5V; White: ground; Black: signal output;
It’s an advance pressure sender than traditional mechanical pressure sender;
Overload Capacity: 2-4 times;
Working Temperature: -40—+120ºC;
Compensation Temperature: -20—+80ºC;
Protection Class: IP67;
Pressure Medium: The gas and liquid which is compatible with 316L stainless steel;
Load Resistance: ≤((supply power-6.5V/0.02A)Ω;
Long-term stability: Less than 0.1%FS/year;
Temperature Effect on Zero: Typical:0.02%FS/ºC; Maximum:0.05%FS/ºC;
Temperature Effect on Sensitivity: Typical:0.02%FS/ºC; Maximum:0.05%FS/ºC;
Shock Resistance: 1000g;
Anti-Shock: ≤+/-0.01%FS(X,Y,Z axes, 200Hz/g);
Response Time: ≤1ms;
Insulation Resistance: >100mΩ  500VDC;
Weight: 0.1KG;
Explosion-proof Class: ExiaTTCT6;
Electromagnetism Compatibility: EN50051-1.