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in order add the life of the sensor to prevent damage caused by being overweight .
as usual ,200KG sensor only can use for 100kg scale only delivery 200kg

Technical parameters
Comprehensive error : 0.02% F.S
Sensitivity :1.0 0.1mv / v
Nonlinearity: 0.02% F.S
Hysteresis: 0.02% F.S
Importance of :0.02% F.S
Creep: 0.02% F.S/10min
0:00 Output :2% F.S
Input Impedance :405 10
Output impedance :350 3
Insulation resistance :5000M (100VDC)
Excitation voltage :5VDC ~ 12VDC
Temperature compensation range :10 ~ +40
Operating temperature range: -20 ~ +60
Temperature effect on zero 0.03% F.S/10
Temmp.effect 0.02% F.S/10
Safe overload 120%
Ultimate Overload 150%
Protection class IP65

Black Power + , white Power – Red Signal + green signal –

Use Special Note:
The sensor is a precision parts, severe vibration , fall , collision ,
overload , overvoltage , etc. , are very likely to cause permanent damage to the sensor or
affect the accuracy and linearity , if you do not necessarily understand the parts ,
please buy carefully . After all, the resistance and capacitance transistors and other components
compared to other electronic components to be more fragile .

Resistance strain gauge pressure sensorMainly by the elastic body ,
the resistance strain gauge cable and other components ,
the internal circuit using Huygens bridge, when the elastic body is deformed under load ,
Resistance strain gauge ( conversion element ) film subjected to tensile or compressive strain deformation ,
its resistance will change ( increase or decrease ) , so that the bridge out of balance ,
a corresponding differential signal for subsequent measurement circuit and handling.