Egg Incubator Gear Motor / Turner 14W 2.5RPM 220V


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Product Description
Incubator Turn The Eggs Motor
Model: 60KTYZ (center shaft)
Power: 14W
Voltage: 220V AC
Shaft size: About 7mmX19mm
Rated speed: 2.5r/min
Features: This product is composed of a permanent magnet synchronous motor,
And one of the speed reduction mechanism synthesis,Reversible synchronous motor can be controlled.
With low power consumption,Torque large,Low noise,small volume,Light weight,Easy to use features.
At rated voltage frequency of the motor speed is not affected,Remain stable.
When the motor load if an overload or stall,Motor coil will not burn!
Main applications: Monitor head,Electrical machinery, heating and cooling through the valve,
Automated instrumentation,Electric models,Electric advertising,Mahjong table,Screen machine,
Presses,Cash registers,Barbecue equipment,Electric apparatus summons,
Most small and low-power constant speed equipment.