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Product Description

Stepper Motor Nema 17 2600g-cm

stepper motor is used in the robotics industry. They move a known interval for each pulse of power. These pulses of power are provided by a motor driver and is referred to as a step. As each step moves a known distance it makes them handy devices for repeatable positioning.

This is a bipolar stepper motor with nema 17 size, featuring 2600 g-cm of holding torque.

Technical Specification

Form Factor Nema 17
Step Angle 1.8 degrees
Motor Length 40 mm
Rated Voltage 4.1 V
Rated Current 0.5 A
Phase Resistance 8 Ω
Phase Inductance 15 mH
Holding Torque 2600 g-cm
No. of Lead Wires 4
Rotor Interia 54 g-cm²
Detent Torque 220 g-cm
Motor Weight 0.26 kg

Wiring Diagram

Mechanical Dimension

The following diagram shows the stepper motor dimensions in mm.

Stepper Motor Applications

These are generally used in a variety of applications where precise position control is desirable and the cost or complexity of a feedback control system is unwarranted. Here are a few applications where stepper motors are often found:

  • Printers
  • CNC machines
  • 3D printer/prototyping machines (e.g. RepRap)
  • Laser cutters
  • Pick and place machines
  • Linear actuators
  • Hard drives